G) Healthy Aging (Replacement Hormone) Check Up -Male 抗衰老健康檢查

1). Medical Checkup by doctor to screen for geriatric conditions 身體測試人體衰老狀況

2)..Cardiopulmonary Function 心肺功能
  Electrocardiogram 心電圖
  Blood Pressure 血壓
  Lung Capacity 肺功能
  Coronary Risk by blood tests 血液測試心血管狀況

3). Body Fat measurement 身體脂肪測量
  %age Fat of body mass 年齡和身體脂肪重量比例
  Body Mass Index Calculation 身體重量指數

4). Hormone Replacement Assessment 激素水平評估
  DHEA-S 脫氫表雄固酮硫酸鹽
  Growth Factor-1 生長激素
  Testosterone 睪酮

5). Advice by concerning aging prevention based on test results 根據測試結果,附有醫生關於防衰老的建議

6). Cancer screening tests for men (optional)男性癌症測試 (額外選擇)
  AFP (Liver) 甲種脂兒蛋白
  PSA (Prostate) 前列腺特殊抗原
  CEA 癌胚抗原

Anti Aging Health Maintenance Check Up 抗衰老健康檢查
With developing medical science and technology, the average life span of human beings is expected to increase significantly in the next decade. Over the last 20 years there is a steep increase in those aged 85 years and over. Population projections suggest that in developing countries, there will be at least 200% increase in the proportion of population over 60 years old.

Previously, the effect of aging and characteristics of normal aging cannot be accurately measured and most methods used are artificial. With advancing technology, it is possible to actually HOW OLD you are, as compared with your chronological age. One such controlling factor is the Growth Hormone.


過去,很難正確計算人類的真實 (生物) 年齡及特徵,而且多數計算方法都是虛假的。現在用先進的醫療技術可以精確地告訴你的真實年齡並跟你的生物年齡比較,人類中的生長激素水平是衡量年齡的重要因素。