Cost : Administration charges HK$100.00 each plus medical report fee
費用: 每份報告行政費用為港幣100元另加醫療報告費用

a) For Government Hospital : Often takes 6-8 weeks to process the report.

S.S. No. 4 GAZETTE NO. 44/1996

Fees for the issue of certificates and medical reports for insurance and other purposes and for post-mortem reports are collected in advance before the certificate or report is released to the patient or his/her representative as follows :

(i) Certificate/medical report for insurance purposes : HK$695.00 per certificate subject
----to a maximum for HK$2,780.00
(ii) Certificate/medical report for physical examination : HK$695.00 per certificate

No refund of the charges for certificates or medical reports will be made. If a further examination is required before a certificate can be issued, the normal consultation fee will be charged in addition.

b) For Private Doctor/Private Hospital :
Medical Report Fee From HK$300.00 to HK$2,000.00
(only for reference)

Note :
We will inquire the fee for the completion of the APS. If the amount exceeds the maximum amount authorized by the insurance company, we will contact the insurer for instructions.

a) 政府醫院 : 通常需要6-8個星期才能完成



i) 供保險用途的證明書/醫療報告 每份為695元/
ii) 驗身證明書/報告 每份為695元


b) 私家醫生/私家醫院:

醫療報告費 -:-由港幣300元至港幣2,000元不等 (只供參考用途)

註 : 會預先諮詢填寫報告的費用,如費用超出保險公司所指定的最高限額,我們會與保險業
- 聯絡及等待他們進一步指示。