For APS Services Application or enquiry: 申請醫療報告服務或諮詢詳情
Contact : Ms kong at 2385 3988 or e-mail at

Procedures for obtaining APS report 申請醫療報告步驟

(1) Request Form 申請表

(2) Details of Information Required :
----i) Client's HKID Card Copy 客人身份證副本乙份
---ii) Client's Consent Letter Copy (Original if necessary)
------客人授權書副本乙份 (如有需要時授權書正本)
--iii) Client's Patient Card Copy 客人病歷資料咭副本
--iv) Insurance Company's Authorization Letter 保險公司授權委托書

(3) Cover Letter 申請信函
Advantages of obtaining APS by our company由本公司代領醫療報告的好處:

a) Ensure proper communication between insurer and doctor by our professional knowledge.
b) Professional relationship between doctors can help in special situation.
c) All medical fees are prepaid by us and billed your company in one convenient invoice at the end
---of each month.
d) At all times, all requests are handled on a priority basis.
e) Follow up progress on all outstanding reports unless advised by you to close our file.
f)Time savings and cost effective.