To Book an examination 預約驗身服務 :

(1) Call to make appointment at 2385 3988 or e-mail to us at
(2) We shall confirm or put forward alternative
(3) Provide us with details of the following form via fax at (852)2385 1104
-------a) Medicorp's standard appointment form保迪標準預約表格
--------- Or 或
-------b) Insurance company's appointment form / memorandum 保險公司預約表格/內部備忘錄
(4) Omission, amendments etc follow up by us 如發現有錯漏或需要修改等情況時,同事會跟進
(5) Other services 其他服務 :
----Before examination驗身前 : advise諮詢, alternatives 其他選擇
----After examination驗身後 : abnormal不正常? Reasons 找出原因
----Client service人客服務 : explanation, assistance if necessary.

(6) Appointment time : immediate to 2-3 days
----預約時間 即日到二至三天

(7) Turn Around time : a) Without blood test 1 working day
----報告完成時間 ---無血液測試 一個工作天
b) With blood test 2-3 working days
---有血液測試 二至三個工作天

Important Notes for Paramedical Examination驗身須知事項

(1) No need for fasting unless specified. 除特別指示外,驗身者無須停止進食。
(2) Drink more water. 盡量多飲開水。
(3) Avoid oily, heavy, too sweet food and strong coffee. 避免進食油膩、太甜的食物及飲用濃
--- 咖啡。
(4) Do not over drink alcohols and spirits.切勿飲用過量有酒精成分的飲料或烈酒。
(5) Avoid over exhaustion. 避免過份消耗體力。
(6) Dress sensibly. 穿著合適鬆身衣服。
(7) Bring medicine or name of medicine currently used. 如有服食藥物請說明藥物之名稱。